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Motivational Blog #2

Here's the second post of monthly motivation and today I'm going to tell you about being fearless in this free yet restricted world. When was the last time you were fearless about doing something unique than be it anything like approaching a stranger to talk with or do something which you want to do but stopping… Continue reading Motivational Blog #2

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How to make the best of 2019

  Hi everyone, welcome back to another post. It's the first post of 2019 and today I'm going to talk all about being productive, fit and energetic throughout the year! Hope this blog post help you for the best 2019 and amazing days.   How to do things on time? Are you a lazy person… Continue reading How to make the best of 2019

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My first poem

I started to gain interest in writing when I was 14, I used to write various stuff once people around me started to like my writings, it gave me a lot of courage in taking serious interest in poems, motivational articles, speech and much other stuff, I won't say that all that writings where a proper set of poems, the poem which I first wrote properly when I was 15, I still remember the time when I was just randomly thinking about this title A year of promises, and I kept on writing about each promise to myself to a new start. I love the way it turns out to be and this poem is definitely my most favorite poem of mine, it has a big reminder for myself.