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The apps for the perfect edits!

Are you a blogger or a photographer or a trendy Instagrammer? Or have you just started clicking of the pictures with the best angles but still not getting enough appreciation or likes on your post? Today's blog is going to help you in editing your pictures with these amazing apps listed below, so without any… Continue reading The apps for the perfect edits!

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JUNE Favorites (Book edition)

June has come to end and here are my favorites from the list, ever since I started reading this books I wanted to write about them, talk what I felt and finally I'm going to blabber through the reviews, they are spoiler free so anyone who hasn't read it can read further without having any worries.

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My first poem

I started to gain interest in writing when I was 14, I used to write various stuff once people around me started to like my writings, it gave me a lot of courage in taking serious interest in poems, motivational articles, speech and much other stuff, I won't say that all that writings where a proper set of poems, the poem which I first wrote properly when I was 15, I still remember the time when I was just randomly thinking about this title A year of promises, and I kept on writing about each promise to myself to a new start. I love the way it turns out to be and this poem is definitely my most favorite poem of mine, it has a big reminder for myself.



Everyone has a bucket list the only difference is some love to write it down and some to keep it with themselves storing the goals list in the back of there mind. Here goes my bucket list about me the things I would love to achieve but in a different format, here I'm going to help you achieve your bucket list.  Sometimes we can't achieve all the thing we want to do before we die or turn into some certain age but this blog post is going to help you achieve most of the things you have on your bucket list *except the risky task and stunts*