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Social Media & anxiety (The Cluttered Desk post 2nd)

Hello everyone here is the post 2nd of The Cluttered Desk and today I'm going to write about the famous term Social Media, it's a huge title in today's century and writing a single post would not be enough as we all have a different image and concepts related to it, might write more about… Continue reading Social Media & anxiety (The Cluttered Desk post 2nd)

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Hello everyone! As always I'm writing back after a long period and there's a piece of exciting news for you I'm starting the MINI BLOGS SERIES "The Cluttered Desk" from toady. In this mini-series, I will be sharing a lot of stuff related to social life, anxiety, competition and a lot more things about how… Continue reading THE CLUTTERED Desk

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Hi everyone! I'm writing after a long time and I had always thought about writing this since it pinched me for the first time. There have been so many initiatives taken for protecting the environment, to keep it clean and protected for us and our forthcoming generation, so many news published, projects initiated, news telecasted… Continue reading #ProjectEnviron

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Motivational Blog #2

Here's the second post of monthly motivation and today I'm going to tell you about being fearless in this free yet restricted world. When was the last time you were fearless about doing something unique than be it anything like approaching a stranger to talk with or do something which you want to do but stopping… Continue reading Motivational Blog #2