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Motivational Blog #2

Here’s the second post of monthly motivation and today I’m going to tell you about being fearless in this free yet restricted world.

When was the last time you were fearless about doing something unique than be it anything like approaching a stranger to talk with or do something which you want to do but stopping just because of the thought of someone judging your actions?


Since I was a kid, I had always been someone who would think a lot before doing something big or unique in my life, it has never been easy for me as being an introvert it always hard to strike a conversation with someone I merely know and yes as always even if I like a thought about doing something different I erase it out when I fear about being treated as a joke, if my idea being heard by someone else what if they don’t like it? is it stupid to even think about this?

For many of us, it’s always hard to take a different step ahead or push yourself out of our safe zone, we always fear about doing something we want to do and that’s not a big thing as it’s human behavior to be scared while doing something out of our box. But trust me once you get yourself out of this big box just like we love to see this beautiful world, same we are going to love our dreams come true. And there would be a new you who would be cheerful, fearless and stronger than the earlier you. Who would know what you want to be and would be having a clear image of your goals




Last year I had pushed myself out of my comfort zone and trust me it’s not easy, at the start you will always feel to back out but don’t let these negative thoughts overpower you, at every step, you will learn something new and different. Start with something small than be it joining a small course of baking, coding, crafting, digital marketing there are so many others. Try to observe your surrounding, listen to the noises around you. The more you observe the more you get to know the world and human behavior.

I had always mentioned about To-do list in my earlier post, start making it now, make yourself clear about the things you dreamed and tick it out by starting them now.


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