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How to make the best of 2019


Hi everyone, welcome back to another post. It’s the first post of 2019 and today I’m going to talk all about being productive, fit and energetic throughout the year! Hope this blog post help you for the best 2019 and amazing days.


How to do things on time?

Are you a lazy person or get tired easily. If you are someone who loses your focus easily follow the steps below to stay focused and organized.

Step 1: When you woke up don’t touch your phone for at least 1 hour.

Step 2: Have a glass of water

Step 3: Get fresh, have a good amount of breakfast

Step 4: Write down your plans for the day

Step 5: Try hard to get complete the task



Carry a planner sheet or small notebook to write down important topics, events, and major expenses. At every night go through your noted things so that you will remember it the next day. General Personal Planner download


Set the Goals

Want to achieve something big, start it today itself don’t wait for tomorrow.

The major mantra for gearing up your thoughts should always be “Don’t depend on others. Don’t wait for tomorrow”




But is it easy to stay motivated all the time the answer will be a big ‘NO’

To stay motivated it requires a lot of self-control, patience and a positive attitude towards everything you do in your life.

Not all the time someone can stay motivated or try to motivate themselves. To keep yourself calm you need to take a small break when such situation pops up.


When to take this break?  Break Time logo final

The time when you start feeling uneasy or get angry on any small stuff that’s the time you need to treat yourself a good vacation or a healthy break.

Never take big decisions when you keep shifting your answers and when you can’t think straight about anything.




Best ways to RELAX

  1. Get yourself a spa treatment 627866
  2. Go somewhere in your budget
  3. Enjoy cycling or swimming
  4. Take a bubble bath
  5. Watch a movie
  6. Try new cuisines
  7. Dance when you are alone


Other things to do!

  1. Listen to an inspirational podcast
  2. Try something out of your imagination
  3. Read books


Comment about your new years’ resolutions and hope you have a great 2019! Also Happy New Year.



14 thoughts on “How to make the best of 2019”

  1. All good ideas. The key to resolutions is that you do not need to wait for the New Year to set and achieve them. Goals can be set and achieved at any time. You must be motivated and motivation does not always strike people on Jan 1. Allan

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I agree with you, but majority thinks the new year to be the best for them to start something new, it’s not about “Jan 1” it’s about starting something big and taking the chance of chasing the dreams and that’s the reason most of us set’s resolutions for letting the past go away with the old year and welcoming good skills and habits with the new year!

      Liked by 1 person

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