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#1 Reach your goal

Hello Everyone,

How are your winters going on?

Here I’m introducing you my motivational monthly blogs which will be published every month!

So get ready for monthly motivation.

Here goes the  Article 1 (includes Christmas theme planner at the end)

List of things to help you achieve your goals:

  1. Note down everything you want to be
  2. Select one option from the noted down list which makes you happy
  3. Search for the career in that field, if not select the second option and likewise
  4. Compare your every option with other in monetary terms
  5.  Select as per your expense
  6. Enjoy your chosen career and reach your goal

Now, what about your other interset’s?

  1. Join a short-term course of a month
  2. Learn the basics
  3.  YouTube and other online sites are very useful in such case (Skillshare)

Key Points

  1. Never rush things while selecting an option then be it related to your future, interests even shopping.
  2. Always think about the use and application of it
  3. Be confident about your choice
  4.  Don’t fluctuate your option’s at the last moment
  5.  Always give your 100% while doing something
  6. Treat yourself something after completion of your goals then be it small or big.


How to keep yourself motivated?

  1. Listen to inspirational talks
  2. Think positive every morning
  3.  Drink a lot of water it helps in relaxing your body
  4.  Listen to soothing songs in the evening
  5.  Go for a short walk
  6.  Visit some interesting place
  7. Watch a great biographic


Here is the planner for December download it and take out a print for noting down important events!

december download


Let’s talk:



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