Everyone has a bucket list the only difference is some love to write it down and some to keep it with themselves storing the goals list in the back of there mind.

Here goes my bucket list about me the things I would love to achieve but in a different format, here I’m going to help you achieve your bucket list.

Sometimes we can’t achieve all the thing we want to do before we die or turn into some certain age but this blog post is going to help you achieve most of the things you have on your bucket list *except the risky task and stunts*


♦ The Travellers Guide

Before going to the other points and goals about the bucket list let’s first talk about traveling, there won’t be any bucket list with the wish of visiting the favorite dream place and the wish to go there once in a lifetime, everyone thinks’s about visiting a place.

My bucket list about traveling my dream destinations goes like this

  • Travel to London

  • Travel to Amsterdam
  • Travel to Italy

  • Travel to Dubai

  • Travel to NewYork

  • DO a backwater ride

  • Do a Hollywood sign hike and touch it

  • Go on cruise

  • Hike on mountains
  • Go to the top of Eiffel Tower

How to accomplish the travel’s list? if you are someone with a fixed budget and couldn’t afford about going to all the places on your list the best way to accomplish these goals without letting the single of your goal to go away is that plotting down the places with giving them preferences, this method can be called as preference and checked. The place you want to visit first give the place the first preference or you could do is the place which needs a less budget go with that place first rather than choosing a place with a high budget.

This will help you to cover as much as of your bucket list traveling goals.

Example: For me visiting Europe is important but I’m the one with a budget issue at such time giving the first preference to Dubai will be more suitable for me as I could at least tick it out from my bucket list.

Here is the name of few apps which can help you in traveling on a budget

  • Trail Wallet – Travel Budget & Expense Tracker.
  • TrabeePocket: Travel Expense.
  • Concur.

Being adventurous

Having a normal life with a regular stuff going as per our daily routine it is important to have thrilling goals in our lives and who don’t have them everyone has there super amazing adventurous goals trying to get completed as per the passing time.

  • Elephant Ride
  • Camel Ride
  • Go-karting
  • Scuba diving
  • Sit in a hot air balloon
  • Swim in Mexico’s Yucatán cenotes
  • Travel solo
  • Do a weird dance in front of many people (Have done this on the cruise with my family present and was embarrassed till the end of our trip)
  • Bungee Jumping
  • Shop till the pockets get empty

I won’t say that doing adventure is hard but definitely need time, as in my checklist I did the things I would be able to do like most of the rides were easy for me to find and complete the goals of my #adventurebucketlist what important is you choose the travelling place according to the adventures you want to do.



♦ My Writings

My bucket list won’t be complete if I don’t hit it with my writings checklist, if you are a writer or a creator discover yourself by publishing your books and writings on wattpad, you can also make audis and podcast and upload it on YouTube or even in Soundcloud to reach people.

  • To publish my own book someday
  • Earn money through my blogs
  • Write for a newspaper
  • Be a content manager
  • Edit the series of my horror book “Hex” Read here!
  • Be in a community of writers

♦ The Social Checklist

Who doesn’t want a huge number of followers on their social accounts, if you are into creativity and other stuff and always wants a recognition on your work there has to be the #socialgoals bucket list and here are few tips on how you can achieve them.

Try to look out for the followers who are interested in the same category in you are posting stuff into.

Example: If you are the one into books then check out for the people interested in books and reading

How to find the correct followers? : Instagram is the best source where you can increase your community by following peoples through tags. Search for the tag #bookstagram and follow the people who are been posting about the books afterward DM them by introducing yourself and your blog or a certain page.

Google+ is another best social app where you can get you followers know about your creativity, there are many communities in at be the member of the diffrent community and share your post.

Triberr is another way to help you in hitting your bucket list with help of sharing your post with various tribes.

  • 500 followers on Instagram Connect with me on Instagram
  • 1000 followers on Instagram
  • 100 subscribers on YouTube  (completed, check it out) click here
  • 1k subscribers on YouTube
  • 500 Page views on my blog
  • 1000 page views on my blog
  • Make friends through social media who are interested in blogging
  • Get my handle thegirlwithamirror successful

Extra’s but important

These is just about me and not about how to achieve your bucket list.

  • Get my own clothing label
  • Work with a company
  • Collaborate with someone
  • Do a photoshoot
  • Earn money through an internship
  • Start a YouTube channel Check it out
  • Buy a house
  • Fly in business class
  • Have a car
  • Dance on an empty road
  • Sing in a karaoke
  • Win a challenge on anything
  • Do something diffrent and overcome my fears of doing something new
  • Have a camera

♦ The Festival Checklist

Who don’t love festivals everyone love to celebrate festivals with there family, friends or even sometimes alone.

  • Send cards and gifts on festival
  • Host a amazing festive party
  • Do a festive theme on Instagram and all my blogging and video feed.
  • Celebrate New year in different city

♦ The Career goals

I won’t be sharing more in this point but definitely having a degree is not bad.

Though how much you lose your focus, we definitely get back to this point in some part of our life, creating your career is important for your future life and also the current, you can’t be dependent on others, getting a job will make you stable and help you decide what you want to do the rest of your life.

Here are few templates of checklist check them out and download if you like it.

thegirlwithamirror traveling template

thegirlwithamirror bucket list template

That’s it for this post I will keep on updating and adding new things to this bucket list post, I hope this post helped you.

Do you have your bucket list?, do let me know in the comment about your bucket list.


11 thoughts on “Bucketlist”

  1. It is always great to have goals and something to aim for. For some reason, I never wrote my bucket list down, but it is amazing how many of the items I have accomplished (career, personal and travel would make a heck of a bucket list. I and my wife have been very fortunate to share so many events and travel places. We have managed 7 of the 10 on your travel list.
    I see you are following me on etiredanddownunda. Thanks for that. This blog spot is full and there will eb no new posts, but you are welcome to read the back posts on our travels to NZ/Aus, if you like. My new blog is at and I am currently doing a repost of our 2017 traip to Nice, Lyon, Paris, London, Sheffield, Ireland, Amsterdam and Iceland at if you are interested in any of that. Thanks for reading and keep setting and achieving goals.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for reading my blog and traveling 70% of my list that’s sound amazing! I wish I got through all the places one day. I’m excited to check your other website and read about your trips to all the places you have visited, thank you for informing.Hope you keep enjoying and traveling with your wife. All the wishes. 😊

      Liked by 2 people

  2. “bucket list” is a trend that really isnt new, just the name is. goals or dreams are not trendy words, but have become “bucket list.” im not trendy, i just do things that i like. yes many are “trendy” but maybe they are so because they are popular. gee, another word that means the same but has lost out on being “popular.” i like many of the things on your list and have done many myself. it seems many are easy to complete, but maybe you are not being too specific.
    you are an interesting woman.

    Liked by 1 person

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